A loved one has passed away? Do you have questions about the grieving process and funeral services? Take a few minutes to look through our blog posts. It’s our way of sharing our expertise in this unique field that raises so many questions.

Options for eco-friendlier funeral arrangements

Nowadays, there are many different ways to organize greener funeral services. This way, you’re able to harmonize your environmental values with your desired funeral rituals.

Memorial monuments: What are your options?

Going beyond the physical appearance of memorial monuments, what makes them so important is the comfort they bring and their instrumental role in the grieving process. The one you choose is a very personal decision that should be made carefully.

Everything there is to know about columbariums

As cremation becomes more and more common in Quebec, columbariums are also gaining in popularity. Here you’ll find everything there is to know about columbariums in case you’re considering this option as a final resting place for a loved one.

Offering support to a loved one requesting medical assistance in dying

In Canada, people suffering from a grievous and irremediable illness or physical disability and whose condition is deteriorating have the right to request medical assistance in dying (MAID). Is your loved one in this situation? Have they shared their wishes with you?

Grief and the Holidays

The holidays, especially Christmas and New Year’s, can be a very difficult time for those coping with grief. The joyful and merry spirit that typically prevails gives way to feelings of sadness and loneliness, which only deepen with every gathering with friends and family, and every awkward (albeit well-meaning) comment. You’ll hear things like: It’ll take your mind off of things! We’ll do just like we used to! He/she would have wanted us to enjoy ourselves!

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Let’s demystify the concept of a natural cemetery

  The term natural cemetery is used to designate a burial site which has been turned into an actual green space. At Les Sentiers, our natural cemetery was created in a conscious effort to strike a careful balance between nature and our facilities for the utmost comfort of our visitors. It thus caters to the needs of bereaved families while ensuring an ecosystem-based management of the premises.

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How gathering as a family in a cemetery can bring healing

Cemeteries are where families often come together to remember and keep the memory of a loved one alive. Throughout the history of mankind, mourning and burial rites have played a central role in our traditions. Visiting the deceased in cemeteries is also an important and long-standing ritual surrounding grief.

Adapting to the needs of individuals to enable a healthy grieving process during the pandemic

  Special times call for special measures. In the current situation, such measures involve being flexible and coming up with original solutions to adjust funeral services to the realities of the pandemic. As long as all current health guidelines are followed, all our services are available. The funeral home’s role is to provide guidance and tools to help you through this difficult time. We are here to help you overcome this trying and seemingly insurmountable time, at your own pace. We make all the necessary arrangements so as many close ones as possible can join the family in saying their final goodbyes. We are open to any requests that comply with health regulations.

Understanding grief and giving ourselves the tools to experience a peaceful grieving process

  When a loved one passes away, those left behind face a difficult and highly emotional period during which there are several things to think about and plan. That said, we wish to share with you some information based on our experience in funeral services. Our hope is for this information to help guide you through this difficult time, so your experience is as peaceful as possible. Those left behind are often struck by a tremendous sadness sometimes coupled with a feeling of disbelief. There may also be a number of adjustments needed to adapt to life without the deceased. Learning how to grieve is not a simple feat. Accustoming oneself to another person’s absence following their death is an uncomfortable yet unavoidable process. Taking the time to better understand the reality of grief and following valuable guidance could help bring you some much-needed peacefulness during this challenging time.