Complete funeral services to meet your specific needs

All the funeral products and services you need in the event of death are available at Les Sentiers. Our team, whose members act as front-line ambassadors of Magnus Poirier, will walk you through all the steps and formalities in the event of death.

A Magnus Poirier representative will meet with you at Les Sentiers or in the comfort of your own home to answer your questions and provide guidance regarding funeral services and pre-arrangements.


Highly personalized funeral services

We provide highly personalized funeral services that take into account your beliefs and values. We are here to assist you in making decisions regarding the type of funeral (interment or cremation), the type of ceremony, casket or urn models, transportation, etc. We have the experience, knowledge and compassion required to make sure the process is reflective of your wishes.

Located in a beautiful natural setting, our facilities inspire caring and sharing, not only toward our customers and visitors, but also toward the environment.


Here to guide you in planning your pre-arrangements

Pre-arrangements are a great way to avoid burdening your loved ones and causing additional stress and tension in the event of death. They allow those left behind to find peace of mind in knowing that your funeral is conducted according to your wishes.

Here a some of the benefits of pre-arrangements:

Keep in mind that you can change or cancel your pre-arrangement contract at any time.
When all is said and done, our goal is to help you experience a healthy, serene grieving process.

Interactive map of our natural cemetery


Merci pour tout, ce fut une journée vraiment formidable. Merci pour votre professionnalisme et votre rigueur!

Chantale Veilleux


Je voulais vous remercier pour la belle cérémonie pour Esteban, tout était parfait, malgré le grand nombre de personnes. 

Rodolfo Garcia


Merci beaucoup Monsieur Tittel, vos services nous enlèvent un poids sur nos épaules.

Manon Laroque


Un très gros merci à toute l’équipe! En particulier pour celles qui nous ont accompagnés toute la journée. Tout s’est déroulé à merveille grâce à leur aide. Les invités ont absolument adoré l’endroit. Ce fut une très belle journée dans les circonstances. Ma mère aurait été très contente de la cérémonie et de cette journée.

Félix Morency-Lavoie


Merci pour absolument tout. Nous sommes tous très reconnaissants de ce que vous avez fait pour notre famille.

Karine et Nicole

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