Interment of funeral urns in a beautiful, natural setting

Our cemetery offers the interment of ashes in a peaceful setting, using practices that have a low environmental impact. Surrounded by lush vegetation, our walking paths are where eternal rest and nature come together as one.

Various sections are available for the interment of cremation urns, each with its own special aura. It is where nature pays tribute to life, and vice versa.

Choose a location for the burial of ashes

For the burial of ashes, choose an outdoor area that speaks to you or that best represents the deceased. Our team can help by providing guidance in choosing the perfect spot, according to your wishes.


Les Sentiers offers several areas to choose from: La Fontaine, Le Boisé, Le Havre, La Clairière, Le Plateau, Le Domaine, La Berge, L’Étang… You will find plots at the foot of existing trees, family plots and plots on which family members can plant a tree.

A unique area full of tranquility and
meaning for the interment of ashes

Les Sentiers has set up an area devoted to inukshuks—small monuments made by stacking stones upon one another to serve as markers. Inuk means “person”, and shuk means “substitute, acting on behalf of.” Together, they symbolize that someone has passed here and left a marker. This is a beautiful area to pay tribute to and remember loved ones.


A serene area for contemplation following
the interment of ashes

Keep in mind that you will occasionally return to visit the place of interment. It should therefore be a peaceful place allowing for reflection and contemplation. Our cemetery is a true reflection of all the natural beauty of the Laurentians. Our wooded trails, the river, the landscape as well as the playground and relaxation area all come together to make Les Sentiers a one-of-a-kind space where grief can be experienced peacefully, surrounded by nature.

Interactive map of our natural cemetery

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