Custom memorials without burial

We can create a memorial for a loved one even if the burial is performed elsewhere.

Our memorial plaques can easily be installed on park benches or rocks.

Memorial plaques are a perfect and simple way to pay tribute to a lost loved one by engraving the memory of the individual in a space filled with love and respect.


Allow us to assist you in paying your final respects to a loved one

Paying tribute to a lost loved one can be difficult.

Our role is to make it easier for you to decide what to include on the memorial plaque.

Our team will provide you with the support you need to fully honour the deceased.

We make sure the words engraved on the memorial plaque resound long and loud in your heart every time you think of them.


For a memorial just as you imagined

We spare no effort in designing memorial plaques perfectly in tune with the memory you wish to keep of the deceased. Our team listens to your needs and knows how to support you in every step of your grief. We take it upon ourselves to offer exceptional services that will help soothe your grief and make your journey less burdensome.


Placing a memorial plaque along our calming paths

When deciding upon the preferred location for a memorial plaque, you are sure to find a restful, soothing area in our peaceful paths, where tranquility and nature come together to promote healing.

Interactive map of our natural cemetery

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