Understanding cemetery maintenance fees

For many years, cemetery maintenance was performed by parishioners and villagers on a mostly voluntary basis. This tradition has changed in recent times. Over the years, cemetery management has become a business-oriented affair. This has brought about a shift toward a fee-based model to ensure the full maintenance of cemeteries. That said, the fees related to the upkeep of plots are high given the surprisingly large number of tasks involved. What is important to keep in mind is that 100% of maintenance fees are paid to ensure visitors have access to a well-kept, welcoming site where they can comfortably visit their departed loved ones.


What is involved in cemetery maintenance?

Cemeteries are made up of many different spaces and facilities, with various pieces of equipment, objects, etc. Maintenance activities consist in making sure all these elements come together to form a safe, clean and harmonious environment.


Communal facilities

Groundskeeping activities include waste removal, lawn mowing and snow removal from roadways and walkways. Another task that requires a great deal of time and energy is landscaping to establish a clear delimitation of plots. Also, the maintenance work required for the various facilities, including the columbarium and other features such as fencing, is very time consuming and, as a result, quite costly.


The surrounding natural environment

Vegetation is another aspect that must not be overlooked. Much effort goes into maintaining a low-impact natural cemetery such as the one at Les Sentiers. Through groundskeeping, we aim to minimize the use of toxins, thus setting us apart from many traditional cemeteries. Our priority is to allow nature to thrive throughout our green spaces to pay tribute to life and to offer visitors a soothing experience.

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